Care,Handling and Cautions
  Provice Date:2001/8/19   

Care and Handing

Do not disassembly the battery , as its strong acid electrolyte may burn your skin or clothes.

Do not short the battery, as it can burn out the connections and could damage equipment.

Do not incinerate. Batteries may burst if thrown into fire.

Keethe battery clean
wipe the battery with dry cloth or , if necessary, use water dampened cloth. Never use oil, gasoline, thinner or other petrochemicals.

5: Do not use in totally sealed case or container:
If the battery is used in a totally sealed case or container, it can fill with the gases generated during overcharging. In the worst case, the container may explode because the internal pressure might exceed the strength limit of the container or from an ignition of hydrogen gas in the event that there is an internal spark of flame.

6: If the battery is broken
If the battery is accidentally broken and electrolyte (sulphuric acid) leaks out,wipe it up with a cloth,neutralize the acid with some available alkaline substance such as ammonium solution,baking powder (sodium hydrogen carbonate) and so on.

VRLA Battery Precautions:
Before using the value regulated lead acid battery (called VRLA battery hereafter),make sure you read its accompanying user's manuel or precautionary notes carefully.Since VRLA batteries posses energy,inappropriate usage can cause fluid leakage,heat generation,explosion or bodily injury.If you do not fully understand the user's manual or precautionary notes,please direct your questions to our company.

  VRLA Battery Cautions: 

  1. The performance of the VRLA battery may not be compatible with certain equipment. Any uncertainty about the specifications of the battery should be brought to the attention of our company.
  2. If there is any corrosion, cracking, deformation, heat generation, or other abnormalities to the VRLA battery upon its first use after purchase, do not use it. Please call the location where it was purchased. Using the battery with an abnormality can cause the battery to leak fluid, generate heat or explode.
  3. Store all batteries beyond the reach of children. Also keep children and infants away when charging a VRLA storage battery.
  4. The temperature range for using VRLA batteries are listed below. Usage outside the following temperature ranges can shorten battery life, lower its performance level, cause the battery to leak fluid, get damaged or deformed.
    Discharge: -20 to 50°C (during use of equipment)
    Charge: 0 to 40°C
    Storage: -20 to 40°C
  5. Do not use or store VRLA battery where the surrounding temperature exceed 50°C, such as inside a hot automobile, in direct sunlight, or in front of a stove or a source of intense heat. Doing so can shorten battery life, lower its performance level, cause the battery to leak fluid, get damaged or deformed.
  6. Do not let the VRLA battery's discharge current exceed the maximum value for the discharge current listed in its specifications. Exceed the maximum value for the discharge current can cause the battery to leak fluid, generate heat or explode.
  7. Make sure you always turn off the switches or the equipment after use. Also make sure the battery is removed from the equipment whenever the equipment is going to be out of sue for a prolonged period. Excess discharge of the battery can lower its performance level, shorten battery life or cause the terminals to explode.

  In the event electrolyte contacts skin, imme-diately flush with water and consult a doctor.